Air Quality

Air pollution in Israel is a serious threat to public health and to the environment.

Each year over 2,500 Israelis die from pollution-related diseases. Chronic exposure to high levels of air pollution has been tied to a broad range of illnesses, such as respiratory infections, heart disease, strokes, cancers, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, congenital defects and premature death. The direct and indirect costs of air pollution reach a staggering $7 billion annually – taking into account factors such as the cost of hospitalization, treatments and debt incurred from loss of earnings.

Clean Air Now!

In 2008, Adam Teva V’DIn initiated and drafted Israel’s first Clean Air Bill; it was signed into law in 2011 the primary regulatory framework for oversight and prevention of polluting emissions from factories, power plants, and motor vehicles.

We continue to monitor how the law is enforced, and in particular to watchdog implementation of the National Air Quality Strategy and how the Environment Ministry is implementing and updating the strategy every five years.

Some facts about air quality in israel


Decrease in air pollution During Covid closures in 2020
Air pollution exacerbates respiratory diseases such as Corona.

2,500 Israelis

die from air pollution diseases every year
Chronic exposure to air pollution causes respiratory and heart disease, stroke, cancer, and premature death.

Annual external costs of air pollution to the State of Israel exceed

US $7 billion
These costs include the burden of air pollution related disease on the health system, the environment, damage to infrastructure and loss of earnings

The Clean AIr Law

Saved in the first decade US $34 billion
Every shekel invested in implementing the Clean AIr Law saves three shekels for the public and the State.

Haifa Bay

is one of the most polluted areas in the country
Our legal and planning interventions halted the expansion of the Bazan oil refinery and its complex of petrochemical industries.

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