It's happening here too.

Is Israel ready to tackle climate change?

The climate crisis is here.  

We are already experiencing its impacts, here in Israel: extreme weather, floods and fires are just the beginning. Climate change is expected to impact on public health, the economy, food production, and even on regional security. 

Israel is a small country that contributes little to global GHG emissions.
But our geographical location, the geopolitical reality and our unique socio-demographics make Israel particularly vulnerable to climate change.

It is in our national interest to participate in international efforts to deal with  the climate crisis. It is crucial that Israel move forward on implementing legislation, policies, and climate adaptation and resilience measures 
without  further delay.

50% +

Increase in the number of days in which temperatures will be over 35°C / 95°F in most Israeli cities.
The temperatures at night will also increase.


Specific adaptation measures a government decision suggested for Israel's expected rising tides, temperatures, droughts, extreme storms and forest fires.
In the first 3 years since the 2018 decision, only 16% of these measures were implemented.


Fewer rain days in Israel yet double the amount of rain per minute.
Israel's inadequate drainage system cannot cope, causing flooding and infrastructure damage.


The number of heat wave-caused deaths expected per month by 2050.
That is an increase of 8.5% to the average monthly mortality rate in Israel.

49° / 120°F

The expected temperature in parts of Israel during heatwaves.
Annual heatwaves will occur 6 to 7 times by 2050 and will last longer and be more extreme than current ones.

2 x

Israel is warming at twice the global average rate.
We must act now!

Climate in language, location and life

President Isaac Herzog

Isaac Herzog, President of Israel

“The global climate crisis has become an international emergency. It is having an impact on our lives in every respect, from the economy to national security. The establishment of the Israel Climate Forum underscores the importance of dialogue among all parts of Israeli society.”

President Isaac Herzog

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President Isaac Herzog

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Why Israel needs a Climate Law

The Climate Bill will prepare Israel for the climate crisis, while promoting the principles of climate justice.

The Climate Bill will establish reduction targets, including a 45% reduction in emissions and 50% renewable energy. 

משרדי הממשלה השונים יחויבו בהכנת תוכנית היערכות לשינוי אקלים בתחום אחריותם ויקבלו תקצוב מתאים

היערכות לשינוי האקלים עשויה לכלול הקמת תשתיות מתאימות, מוקדי ידע ומחקר, קידום אנרגיות מתחדשות והתייעלות אנרגטית, הטמעת שינויים כלכליים (מיסוי, הקמת מערכת תמריצים) ורגולטוריים (הסרת חסמים)

משרד ראש הממשלה יוביל את התיאום בין משרדי הממשלה השונים סביב משבר האקלים