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Adam Teva V’Din is a transformative force in Israel’s environmental law, policies and practices.

National Watchdog: Government officials, lawmakers, local authorities, business stakeholders as well as Israeli communities recognize Adam Teva V’Din as the national environmental watchdog and champion of Israelis’ rights to safe, clean and healthy environment.

Environmental Justice: We have worked with thousands of community activists to bring relief from noise and air pollution and loss of green public spaces. And our pro bono legal and planning guidance has reduced environmental hazards to Arabs in the Galilee and central Israel, Bedouin in the Negev, and Jews from all socio-economic groups and geographic areas. 

Litigation: Our public interest lawsuits have improved air quality and drinking water safety, blocked commercial development on public beaches, and cleaned up putrid rivers. Our appeals to the Supreme Court have secured precedential rulings in core environmental suits.

Legislation: We have authored and promoted most of Israel’s environmental laws in the last 20 years, initiating new regulations and practical approaches to managing solid waste. Our landmark legislative achievements include the Coastline Protection Law (2004), and the pivotal Clean Air Law (2011). Today, our legislative focus is on pushing for a Climate Law for Israel to tackle the challenges of the climate crisis.

How we work


We initiate, draft and campaign for enactment of environmental laws


We sue polluting business and government agencies that fail to uphold environmental laws.


Our scientists develop evidence-based support for our advocacy.


We represent the public in planning interventions at local, district and national levels.

Policy & Strategy

Our policy positions educate and inform lawmakers and the public.

Our team

Amit Bracha

Attorney, Executive Director

Tamar Gannot Rosenstreich

Attorney, Deputy Director

Eli Ben Ari

Attorney, Legal Advisor

Fran Ran

Foundations and International Fundraising

Yael Dori

Urban Planner, Head of Planning

Dr. Arye Vanger

Chief Scientist

Amiad Lapidot

Head of Solid Waste

Meirav Abady

Legal Adviser, Sustainable Waste Management

Orly Babitsky

Director of Climate Resilience

Naama Karmon

Director of Economics and Environment

Bar Rozov

Legal Department

Amal Ziada

Attorney, Arab society

Ortal Sanker

Legal Department

Nessi Ashkenazi


Iris Zar

Bookkeeper and Office Manager

Vered Luvitch


Ziv Rothstein

Director of Israel Partnerships

Rachel Smith-Savaya

Director of International Partnerships

Ayelet Binhar

Social media

Zohar Afek

Head of Digital

Bar Pezarker

Research & Content Coordinator

Ido Liberman

Donor Relations

Omri Bracha

Donor Relations

Ofir Pipikov

Donor Relations
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