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לוגו אדם טבע ודין
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Advocates for
Israel’s environment

We are Adam Teva V'Din

We believe that environmental rights are fundamental to human rights.

We believe in the intertwining of environment, society, human health and the economy.

That’s why we advance legislation, litigation and policies to strengthen environmental protection and build resilience to climate change.

That’s why we advocate for sustainability of development and for preservation of nature, and conservation of natural resources – for future generations.

That’s why we work to ensure all Israelis have a say in decision-making processes that affect the conditions in which we live, work, and play.

News & Updates

Climate Bill, under review prior to 2nd Reading, meets fierce opposition on all fronts

Knesset Committee hears wide opposition to the current bill from Adam Teva V’Din, Knesset Members and the Manufacturers’ Association who agreed that there is along way to go before the bill becomes an effective legal framework.

Israel is in crisis.

Israel is at war. And in the midst of terror, tragedy, pain and loss, all Israelis are comforted by the steadfast support of the USA. Thank you!

There will be huge challenges to face in repairing and rebuilding. We’ll be ready in our role as national environmental watchdog, and we know you will be with us then too.

עַם יִשְׂרָאֵל חַי - Am Yisrael Chai

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