Solid Waste

For 20 years, Adam Teva V’Din has advocated for reforms in how Israel manages solid waste. Our legislation, litigation, policy-making impact on waste-handling policies and practices, and have led to closure of dozens of illegal and polluting landfills, removed millions of plastic bottles from our streets and landscapes, and have set new standards for municipal collection, sorting and disposal of household waste.


Now we’re applying the same tactics to reduction of plastic and plastic waste in our environment and in our bodies. All of us can make a difference too by paying attention to our own consumer habits. Refuse that paper cup or plastic plate!

In 2022, we will continue to push hard to get the Minister of Environment to sign off on implementation of the long-delayed National Strategy on Waste & Recycling, delayed now by another year.  We need it so we can maintain the momentum on shifting to a zero waste economy and to constantly upgrade how solid waste is handled in Israel.

A few facts about solid waste in Israel

Israel is the world's #1 consumer of Single Use Plastics

It’s time to change our habits


of Israel’s waste is organic (food leftovers, unused vegetables, etc.)
We can use organic waste as fertilizer

Research shows that Israelis ingest every week

5 grams of plastic
Microplastic is in our soil, sea and rivers – and our bodies

Collecting, sorting and disposing of waste costs the economy

2 billion US $ every year
Every year another 40 acres of land is needed to keep up with landfilling


are the source of 10 percent of Israel’s greenhouse gas emissions
Including methane, the most potent greenhouse gas

What we’re doing now