Natural Resources

Israel has many natural resources. These include extractive resources like offshore gas and minerals,  but also unique natural sites of national and economic importance like the Dead Sea, the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Eilat and many more. 

Adam Teva V’Din endorses the principle that all natural resources belong to the public and that they should be used, monitored, safeguarded and maintained in a manner that conserves them for the benefit of  current and future generations.

Protecting our natural resources

We at Adam Teva VeDin have been working for many years in the field of managing and regulating natural resources. Unfortunately, recent governments and industrial leaders have chosen to focus tend to focus only on the financial aspects and gains to be made from exploitation of extractive resources like gas from our territorial waters and minerals from the Dead Sea.

Over the years, the State of Israel has encouraged industrial exploitation of natural resources, viewing them as economic assets and a source of jobs. But we owe it to ourselves and to generations to come to remember that the State holds natural resources as a public trustee, with a duty to protect them from over utilization.

Some facts about natural resources in Israel:

The Israel Citizens Fund

was planned to reach 10 billion shekels by 2022. In practice the fund has only recently become operational and has accruedl less than CHECK AMOUNT

1.2 meters per year

The annual drop in the Dead Sea level
Dead Sea factories are responsible for 25% of that, and do not even pay for the water they pump.

Production & processing natural resources is responsible for

90% of loss in global biodiversity
These include the processing of fuels, raw materials and food, and are responsible for 50% of greenhouse gas emissions.

The coral reef in Eilat is the most northern reef in the world

We are working to protect it from further damage due to expansion of the EPAC oil pipeline

Our interventions