“Achievements in fighting pollution, cleaning up the air and drinking water, making the shoreline and natural resources available for the benefit of all, protecting our children from pesticides  – all these are a direct result of the work of legal actions and policy work of Adam Teva V’Din. 

Israel would not be the country it is today without the laws, court cases, policies and studies that Adam Teva V’Din has promoted. Their omnipresent media appearances and articles, regular testimony at Knesset hearings, and their cooperation (and sometimes conflict) with governmental ministries.”

Chairman of the Board, Barry Levenfeld

We welcome you to join our mission and get involved.

Attorney Barry Levenfeld

Partner at Arnon Tadmor Levy,  Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

I am a senior partner in a leading Israeli law firm, an “Israeli by choice” having moved here almost 40 years ago, and a father and grandfather.  I seek a cleaner, healthier environment for my family and all families, and a world where our children and children’s children can be spared the ravages of climate change.

As Chairman of Adam Teva V’Din, it has been my privilege to accompany this amazing organization for over a decade. I have learned how a small group of highly motivated, talented and devoted individuals, with a modest budget, can make real change in this world. 

Attorney Anat Moseinco

Corporate Social Responsibilty advocate.

Alon Carmeli

Company director, philanthropist and social activist.

Dr. Ahuva Windsor

Environmental psycholigist and consultant.

Attorney Jeremy Lustman

Attorney, international commercial law.

Attorney Yael Biran

Attorney, business development consultant.

Attorney Dalit Ginossar