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A Wind-Wind Situation

While Israel’s topography, weather and population density may not lend itself to potential wind turbines sites, how can we embrace this clean energy source?

Israel’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels means we must look to renewable energy sources. As we were reminded in our OECD Environmental Performance Review (2023), Israel’s share of renewables in the energy mix is the second smallest in the OECD, and our electricity production is the largest source of GHG emissions in Israel (49% in 2019).

“Wind energy is crucial a crucial part of energy diversity sources needed for clean energy in Israel.” noted Attorney Amit Bracha, CEO of Adam Teva V’Din. Sure enough, more wind industries are starting to move ahead, such as Enlight Renewable Energy, who this week began testing the first of almost 40 new wind turbines in the Golan Heights in northern Israel.

Given Israel’s topography, weather and population density in areas of the country, there are not many potential wind turbines sites. The Golan Heights, located in northern Israel, are known for their windy conditions, making them an excellent location for wind power generation. However, turbines in that region also pose risks, particularly to endangered vultures as well as the millions of birds passing through Israel on their migration paths.

“Wind energy is one possible and necessary technology for renewable energy, that can work alongside and compliment solar energy.” Dr. Arye Vanger, Chief Scientist at Adam Teva V’Din explained. “While solar energy can mostly be implemented in the south, wind energy is best suited to the north of Israel. Wind energy and solar energy also work best at different hours of the day. Together they will stabilize the electric network and contribute to a wider implementation of renewable energy in Israel.”

Vanger continued, “Wind turbines must be set up carefully because of their disadvantages such as possible harm to birds and fears of harm to human health – although they are definitely less harmful than the air pollution from fossil fuels! While wind energy cannot be the main electricity source in Israel it definitely has a role to play in our energy sector and must be implemented carefully and thoughtfully.”

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“Wind energy is crucial a crucial part of energy diversity sources needed for clean energy in Israel.” Attorney Amit Bracha

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