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Appointment to National Planning Authority cancelled

In our role as watchdog, Adam Teva V'Din petitioned the Supreme Court over improper conduct in hiring.

The High Court of Justice accepted the petition we submitted against the appointment of Rafi Elmaliach as the Director General of the National Planning Authority. The justices accepted that procedures for hiring the Director of the National Planning Authority were conducted improperly, and ordered that the incumbent undergo the process again before an appropriate committee of experienced planning practitioners, within the next six months. The court also imposed costs on the state.

The case was managed by attorney Eli Ben Ari, the legal advisor of Adam Teva V’Din and assisted by attorney Ortal Sanker. Attorney Ben Ari expressed:

Attorney Eli Ben Ari

“This is another achievement of Adam Teva V’Din as national environmental watchdog. We continue to stand guard so that environmental appointments, which are fateful for land use planning from an environmental point of view, are made in accordance with the law.”

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“This is another achievement of Adam Teva V’Din as national environmental watchdog.”

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