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Pride in our produce: We’re buying Blue and White

Adam Teva V'Din recommend improving this new law to futher localize it and create a tool for consumers to be more sustainability-savvy.

From December 24, by law, all Israel-grown fruit and vegetables in Israeli stores will bear a blue & white ‘local produce’ label. By February 2024, homegrown agricultural goods on online shopping platforms must carry the same label.

The rationale behind this new consumer-law is the public’s right to full transparency regarding what they put into their shopping baskets and on their family’s dining table.

Adam Teva V’Din CEO, Attorney Amit Bracha welcomes this moves and wants to see it further improved upon. “Now that the law was passed to label fruits and vegetables produced in the country, the model must also be adopted and localized to show specifically which produce has come from the Tkuma region.”

The Tkuma (Hebrew for revival or rehabillitaion,) area refers to the Gaza perimeter communities, many of which include farming land and are responsible for 25% of our crops. Adam Teva V’Din’s recommendations for the Tkuma Directorate heavily leaned on principles of rebuilding which are both environmentally-friendly and climate crisis-minded.

Bracha expanded, “Adam Teva V’Din will work in the coming year to regulate the marking of agricultural products from Tkuma region, so that the cultivation will be based on the principles of sustainable agriculture – less energy consumption, less water consumption and less use of pesticides. In this way, the Israeli consumer will be able to buy both local and healthier produce.”

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Gaza perimeter communities grow over 25% of Israel’s food produce

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