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Dead Sea Works’ unpaid water bills

Justice Ministry forgives DSW for non-payment of water bill.

The Water Law applies to all consumers, yet the Justice Ministry last year backtracked on enforcing a ruling from the Water Tribunal that obliged Dead Sea Works (DSW) to pay for the water it uses in its extraction of mineral resources from the Dead Sea. The Justice Ministry’s decision cited a ‘lack of clarity in relation to the company’s obligations under the current franchise’, despite the Water Tribunal’s ruling.

Adam Teva V’Din petitioned the High Court of Justice against the Water Authority’s failure to ‘collect water debts’ in September, 2022. Our petition notes that both the Water Law and the Dead Sea Concession Law are applicable to DSW’s industrial operations. At the Court hearing in June, 2023, the justices issued an conditional order requiring the State of Israel to explain the failure to charge DSW for water consumption, by September 2023. The State has requested an extension and is now due to submit its response by November 14, 2023.

Attorneys Bar Rozov and Merav Abady in the High Court
Adam Teva V’Din attorneys Meirav Abady and Bar Rozov at the High Court of Justice

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Water Tribunal ruled that the Water Law is applicable.

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