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Opposition to hotel construction on Ashdod’s public beach

Despite forecasts predicting rises in sea levels and the limited beach area allocated to the public on Israel's coasts, the municipality of Ashdod is promoting construction of two hotels close to the water line.

We recently filed planning objections to construction plans on Lido Beach, Ashdod. The Coastline Protection Law (2004) limits construction to within 100 meters of the water line; the plans in question were granted approval before 2004 but only recently did the developer apply for planning permission to expand the number of rooms and floors in the project.

Adam Teva V’Din is objecting to the expansion, and asking the planning board to limit the overall construction area due to beach erosion and anticipated rising sea levels due to climate change.

We also reminded the planning board that the overall plan would not be approved under today’s planning norms.

The Lido Beach situation underscores the importance and urgency of amending the Coastline Protection Law (2004) to require that all unimplemented plans approved before 2004 be reexamined, taking into consideration known and forecast threats to the coastline as well as today’s planning norms that aim to limit commercial construction on public beaches.

Lido Beach, Ashdod. Photo credit: Boaz Raanan Photography
Lido Beach, Ashdod. Photo credit: Boaz Raanan Photography
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The building initiative underscores the urgent need for amendments to the Coastline Protection Law (2004)

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