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Petition to the High Court to ban industrial generators in schools and kindergartens

Bedouin children are exposed to health and environmental hazards in their classrooms.

Recently, (March 21, 2024), we submitted a petition to the High Court of Justice seeking a halt in the use of diesel-fueled industrial generators in Bedouin schools and kindergartens. The petition cites the failure of six government ministries (Education, Interior, Social Equality, Energy, Health and Environmental Protection) to provide equal education for all.

Attorney Ortal Sanker

Attorney Ortal Sanker explained, “It’s a matter of environmental justice. Children should be protected from air and noise pollution whether their classrooms are in a Bedouin village or in a Tel Aviv suburb.”

Adam Teva V’Din is joined in this petition by Shamsuna, Elsira Foundation, Association of Public Health Physicians, National Council for Child Safety and by a group of concerned parents from Bedouin villages.

Amit Bracha, CEO at Adam Teva V’Din: “This petition continues our series of petitions seeking environmental rights for Negev Bedouin.” Previous legal actions have brought solutions to waste disposal, sewage and other health hazards in both Recognized and Unrecognized Bedouin villages. “We hope that the High Court of Justice will again confirm the rights of all Israeli communities to equal access to a clean and safe environment.”

A polluting generator in a Bedouin kindergarten
A polluting generator in a Bedouin kindergarten.
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All Israeli children are entitled to education in a healthy learning environment

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